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Eligibility and applicability of form 15 H and form 15 G

There would hardly be anybody who invests in fixed deposits, but is not aware of these forms which are filled up and submitted at the time of opening the deposit for exemption from tax being deducted at source on the interest income earned.

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Higher return alternatives to bank fixed deposits

Interest Rates

Our economy is going through troubled and challenging times – low growth rate and the falling rupee has left very few investment options for us- the retail investors. In 2012,

Equity markets – were volatile and the future trend unclear

Real estate- Sluggish

Gold – Prices have barely moved much

Fixed Income – The interest rates are on a downtrend

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Have you availed of these income tax deductions?

Education Tax Deductions

The month of February and March is spent on investing in tax saving avenues to minimize the income tax outgo. While income tax rebate under section 80 C ( see prev. Post – “Income tax deductions under section 80 C “ for details) is fairly common and most people exhaust their Rs 1,00,00/- limit, there are other lesser known income tax sections for tax saving which are not availed of, mainly because of lack of awareness or just by oversight. Let us highlight these-

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Income tax rebate under section 80 C


Income Tax Return



It is the time of the financial year when salaried people have to submit proof of all their investments qualifying for income tax rebate to their employers for accurate calculation of the tax which has to be deducted at source. Not to worry,even if you have missed the deadline set by your employer, you still have time till 31st March to decide and invest and claim an income tax refund while filing returns in case excess tax has been deducted.

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Things to keep in mind while buying home insurance

Continuing on the topic of home insurance (See prev. post – Why is it important to buy a home insurance) –

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Why is it important to insure your home

A home in Louisiana damaged by Hurricane Katrina


It is every common man’s dream to own a house of his own, and when it happens it not only becomes one of the biggest investments in terms of money, but also one of the most prized possessions.

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