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Check these things before buying a credit card

Credit card

Every time I visit the local supermarket/hypermarket to buy the monthly grocery supplies, there are a few credit card agents waiting at the exit who promptly approach me and check how much my bill was. And if it happens to be a reasonable sum, they are quick to offer an on the spot credit card with minimum documentation and a lot of offers – free shopping vouchers at the supermarket, low interest rate, free balance transfer , high credit limit etc. And, you don’t really need to put a lot of effort except sign the form and produce whatever documents you are carrying at the moment. But before you succumb to the agents’ marketing skills and buy a card, understand and keep these things in mind-

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Should you buy a health policy from a life insurer?




Drug questions



If you have ever tried buying a life insurance policy online, it is likely that the insurance company’s website will prompt and ask if you would like to buy an additional health plan too.  The health insurance market, which till some years back was exclusively the domain of general insurance companies, has now been invaded by the life insurance providers with each one of them having at least two or three medical insurance policies in their product suite, along with the term, ULIP and retirement plans.  How do the mediclaim policies offered by Life insurers differ from those offered by mediclaim companies ?

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No frills demat a/c-who should opt for it

Last year, SEBI introduced the “no-frills” demat a/c, also known as BSDA-Basic services demat account. This was a result of the concerns and suggestions by the small time investors who had been paying a high annual service charge on their demat a/c even though they rarely traded and had opened a demat a/c with the purpose of investing in some of the good initial public offers. Let us understand the features, benefits over and above the normal demat a/c and the eligibility criteria.

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