Annapurna Shastri  -MBA(Finance), CFP


I am a Mumbai based Certified Financial Planner with around 15 years of work experience in the areas of financial planning/wealth management. After working as a wealth manager with a leading private sector bank for 6 years, I  quit my job to start on my own.


Most of us today are busy working professionals whose work takes up most of our time and energy, and  managing our personal finances always takes a backseat. The complex and ever growing number of financial products bombarding us all the time only makes it worse. In short,we work hard but the money we earn is not able to work hard enough for us.

My objective is to offer customized and comprehensive financial advice to my clients to help them take prudent investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.


Financial Planning, researching and reading up on related subjects  and advising  people on their  personal finances is more of a passion that a profession.

During my meetings and interactions, clients  ask  a lot of queries and doubts and many of them are common/similar in nature.My blog is an attempt to address them and put them all at a place where one can refer to them whenever required.Most of the articles are very basic with simple facts which can be easily understood by people from a non-finance background too. The case studies discussed here are also inspired by real life situations faced by my friends, acquaintances and clients.


If there is  some specific topic or subject related to personal finance you would like me to write about, please feel free to contact me.

Please use the contact page to get in touch if  you need help with your investments, and for any other doubts or clarifications.


Please use the email/ RSS subscription form on the right side of the site to get all new articles/posts in your mail box automatically as soon as they are posted.

Annapurna Shastri


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  1. I just visited your web site and found it to be quite good. Are you working in Mumbai only or in Hyderabad also.

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