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Fancy dividend percentages by Mutual Funds can be misleading

Mr. Rao recently invested Rs 2,00,000/-  in the dividend option of a equity scheme of a leading mutual fund house on the suggestion of his financial advisor. Some days back, he got an sms from the mutual fund informing him that a 60% dividend had been declared on the mutual fund scheme and would be credited into his a/c in a few days. Mr. Rao was very happy to hear this and was glad to have made the right investment decision and receive a huge tax free dividend.

A few days later the dividend was credited to his a/c. He was shocked to see the amount. It was around Rs. 12,000/- which was hardly 6 % of his investment amount. He was unable to understand how a 60 % dividend declared could be such a small sum.

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Investing in Art Funds in India

Indian art

Gone are the days when Indian Art just had asthetic value and  was bought only to be adorned on the walls of your living room. Today it has gained popularity as one of the alternate investment avenues among the HNIs (High Networth Individuals) after stocks, property, fixed income and gold.

How it started

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Implications of late filing of income tax returns


The last date for filing of income tax returns by individuals has been extended by a month- to 31/08/2012 from the earlier 31/07/2012. Though filing Income tax returns has now become simple and hassle free, we usually have a tendency of postponing return filing to the last minute, as a result of which it is  not uncommon for people to miss this deadline.

What happens if we are unable to file our returns on time? Let us understand the implications.

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Product Review: Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP)

Reliance Gold in association with the world gold council has come up with a new product offering- a gold plan to accumulate physical gold through monthly periodic payments.

Target Segment-

People who want to accumulate gold for their personal use.

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These credit card transactions could cost you dearly!

Credit Card

Ease of transaction and increase in purchasing power are two of the main reasons for the growing popularity of credit cards today. This, coupled with the aggressive marketing by the credit card issuers with all of them competing with each other to issue cards with attractive offers like no joining and annual fee and other freebies have ensured that most people own at least one. While credit cards sure make our life easier, the following credit card transactions could prove to be expensive-

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Product Review : Birla Sunlife Recurring Savings Plan

Birla Sun life Mutual Fund has launched a recurring savings/systematic investment plan which also offers an optional free life insurance cover to the investors, the amount of which is determined by their regular installment amount.

About the scheme:

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