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What to do with an unwanted/orphaned/mis-sold/ lapsed insurance policy

It wouldn’t be surprising if most of us hold at least one of the above mentioned Insurance policies- and keep holding them just because we do not know what to do with them.

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Available options for global investments

Having understood the benefits of global diversification (see prev. post – Why should you diversify your portfolio globally?), here is a list of the various options available for investors.

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Why should you diversify your portfolio globally?



Forex Money for International Curency

We all are aware of the benefits of diversification and all of us try and maximize the returns and reduce the risk by maintaining a good mix of stocks, mutual funds, gold, real estate, fixed income and getting it managed professionally.

Talking of global investments, one might argue or question whether it is really required. We are a developing economy, growing at a fast pace. And when there are so many areas to invest across diverse sectors in our country, why look at investing outside your own country just to diversify a bit more? After all, understanding the global markets, evaluating the investment options, the regulatory laws with respect to investments, keeping in mind the currency fluctuations and the tax laws-it is not easy.

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Some useful finance websites

Planning to take a loan, invest in stocks or mutual funds, trade online, buy insurance, file returns, apply for PAN or KYC and want to know more details on how to go about it? Technological advancement and the revolutionary internet has made all this information available to you at the click of a button.

Here is a list of some useful websites to refer for information on finance related topics-

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Happy new financial year!

We are a week into the new financial year. For the small section of people who are not aware, a financial year runs from 1st April every year to 31st March of the next calendar year. The beginning of the financial year could be the perfect time to plan for the year ahead and for the long term. Here is a checklist of important things to start with.

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Don’t let mutual fund SIP schemes with “free” insurance lure you

Like most other ethical financial planners do, I too always advise my clients not to mix their insurance needs with their investments, avoid getting into high cost unit linked insurance plans and opt for a pure term insurance and invest the remaining in good investment products.

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