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Fidelity and L&T AMCs’ Merger-Should you use the exit option?

Fidelity Asset Management Company has been recently acquired by L&T Mutual Fund. As a result, a few schemes of Fidelity MF are all set to merge with L&T MF effective 16th November 2012.

The following are the schemes to be merged –

Fidelity Flexi Gilt Fund with L&T Gilt Fund

Fidelity Wealth Builder Fund-Plan A with L&T Monthly Income Plan

Fidelity Wealth Builder Fund-Plan B & Plan C with L&T MIP – Wealth Builder Fund

L&T Contra Fund and Fidelity India Value Fund to form “L&T India value Fund”

L&T Hedged Equity Fund, L&T Growth Fund and L&T Opportunities Fund and Fidelity India Growth Fund to form “L&T India large Cap Fund”

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