Safeguarding your assets

financial portfolio review

We live in turbulent times – a volatile political and economic and environment, investment related scams and scandals, natural calamities and catastrophes and increased stress, lifestyle and personal issues. In such a scenario where everything is uncertain and unpredictable, the importance of protecting your assets cannot be over emphasized.

Your life and health – These are your most important assets – make sure you are adequately covered by life and health insurance. Related posts –


Your home – This is one of the biggest investments of your lifetime, in monetary terms… and one calamity like the recent one in Uttarakhand is enough to wipe off this asset which would have taken up your life savings to build! The solution- buy a home insurance. Related post with details –


Your investment portfolio – This comprises of all your savings and investments done during your lifetime. It is important to plan your investments, take professional advice, invest prudently and track your investments regularly.

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Your retirement fund – The size of your retirement kitty would depend on how well you have saved and invested during your working years, and this would decide how financially comfortable you would be at a time when you are not earning anymore. The recent headlines in a leading newspaper regarding the EPFO scam with reports of more than 3000 crores being siphoned off by employers means that even the safest of avenues for building up your retirement fund is also prone to risk. Keep a regular track of your EPF and other long term investments. With the EPFO going online for the last couple of years, it is now easy to check your EPF balance online using the e-passbook facility on

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Inheritance – We spend our whole lives working and saving-not only for ourselves, but also for our near and dear ones. We would surely not like to see the same people fighting over our assets and inheritance issues once we pass on? Take adequate steps to ensure a smooth intergenerational transfer.

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